August Fly of the Month - Griffith's Gnat

Fly of the Month - Griffith's Gnat

This is another one of those "must haves" in your fly box. Quick and easy to tie, the Griffith's Gnat can imitate many of those tiny midges you see emerging or buzzing on the surface of the water (you know, the ones that like to get in your face, mouth, nose and ears  ). From looking like a single insect to a cluster of them, the Griffith's Gnat can attract even the biggest trout.

Hook - dry fly18 to 24 (if you dare!) I'm using a Mustad 94840 #18

Thread - fine olive or black

Rib - Fine gold wire

Body - Peacock herl

Hackle - Grizzly hackle

First tie in your grizzly hackle at the end of the shank. Select a very small hackle feather that reaches just a bit past the bend of the hook (photo demonstrates how you can measure). Most tiers palmer their hackle, meaning they fold all the barbs in one direction. I find this optional for this fly, but for instructional purposes I will show you how to do it.



Next tie in a piece of fine gold wire and lastly, 1-3 strands of peacock herl, depending on the size of your hook, tips first. I'm using two for a #18. 


Tip - Remember, the first material you tie in is usually the last thing you wrap forward.

Stroke the peacock fibers backwards and give the herl a few twists. Wrap forward, making a fat little body and leaving a bit of room to tie in a nice head.

Wrap your wire in the opposite direction of the herl wraps. This will help secure the peacock herl which is actually really delicate.

Next we're going to palmer the hackle. Grasp the hackle with one hand, and with your other two fingers, stroke and pull the barbs toward the back of the hook. Be careful not to pull too hard otherwise you may pull the whole feather out. You don't have to do the whole feather, just a bit at a time while you wrap forward. You'll only need to take 3-4 wraps depending on the size of your hook.


Tie off, whip finish, and you're done!

Tight lines!


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