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September Fly of the Month - Tools, Tips and Tricks

So let's start with the most basic and probably most important knot, the half hitch. Make this knot your best friend! If you're a beginner, use it every time you tie in and off of a material. This way if you break or accidently cut your thread you can go back to your last step and start from there and not the whole fly. And it's super simple.

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August Fly of the Month - Griffith's Gnat

This is another one of those "must haves" in your fly box. Quick and easy to tie, the Griffith's Gnat can imitate many of those tiny midges you see emerging or buzzing on the surface of the water (you know, the ones that like to get in your face, mouth, nose and ears  ). From looking like a single insect to a cluster of them, the Griffith's Gnat can attract even the biggest trout.

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