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Coffee. Pretty sure a solid one third of me is made up of coffee. I maintain the mindset that it’s because I really LIKE coffee, not because I NEEEED the coffee. I just prefer to not miss my morning coffee so I don’t have to admit to myself I don’t function without it.

Coffee deserves to made with love, in a good coffee machine, and with good water. Coffee deserves to be enjoyed black. I learned a long time ago that for me, coffee is one of those ‘you get what you pay for’ situations. I do consider my coffee an investment. An investment in making it successfully through each day without causing, or at the very least contributing to, a massive dumpster fire.

Being involved in agriculture, being aware of where my food comes from is very important to me. After considerable research about coffee trade and the significant issues around the world with sourcing coffee at a fair price, it is also important to me to find coffee companies taking care of the coffee producers who sell to them. Like all commodity markets, coffee trade is riddled with middlemen making money while leaving the producers barely scraping by. Buzz words in the coffee trade world, ‘fair trade’ for example, tend to leave benefits to be desired.

So now that we’ve established how important coffee is to me, you can see why I jumped at the chance to try Hunter’s Blend Coffee. Roasted in Ohio with an Iowa connection, I was thrilled to try a new small-batch roast that sources coffee through direct trade with producers. What’s direct trade, you ask? Exactly what it sounds like-the guys at Hunter’s Blend are buying green coffee beans directly from the producers. This means more money directly in the hands of the producers. (Click here to read more about the direct trade business and benefits.)

I received the Hunter’s Blend Original Blend-currently the only roast available from their website. It is available as whole bean or ground. Opening up my coffee, I found it to be a finely ground aromatic blend. Seriously, it smells like how I think heaven is going to smell. The packaging is functional and I can tell this is made for hunters by hunters. With a resealable bag and an airlock to grounds fresh, you could pack this to your hunting camp and not worry about stale coffee or your coffee grounds escaping from their safe home inside the bag and sharing their wonderful scent with all your hunting clothing.

I would consider the original roast to be a medium blend that can easily be enjoyed black. This blend brewed a bold, strong cup of coffee without being overwhelming or bitter. Making coffee in my Ninja, I can also brew a few richer options, including a concentrated specialty brew. I used this option to make a 'latte' of sorts. Hunter's Blend is at the top of my list for this specialty brewing option. While it wasn't a true latte, the coffee shined through the added milk and made a great late morning pick me up. I can see this working out as a great option for those of you with camp espresso machines. The finely ground beans allow for a lot of brewing and strength options. Next on my list is seeing how it fairs as a cold brew!

Hunter's Blend also offers autoship--so you never have to worry about missing out! You can set your delivery interval in weeks or months--as often as once a week to once every 3 months. A coffee company that supports the producers directly and is committed to protecting our rights and values as hunters? Sign me up! 

Follow this link to sign up and try it out yourself! 


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