Grizzly Coolers Grip Cup - ReelCamo Girl Product Review

Unforgiving but so beautiful.

The PNW is truly unpredictable. One minute it can be sunny and warm and the next rainy, windy and cold. With that being said day to day it changes, one day I am enjoying an iced beverage in hand and the next I am warming up with a warm beverage.

My Grizzly Coolers Grizzly Grip Cup in 20 oz. has been just what I need! It's been perfect for my morning coffee as I start my workday or spend my day outdoors keeping my coffee hot and enjoyable for hours! I tend to sip my coffee and savor it. I find that my cup keeps my coffee the perfect temperature for a good 4 hours, long enough to get me through those cold morning hunts sitting on the landing glassing for the elusive grey ghost. When drinking an iced beverage the ice retention is incredible, my ice lasts all day in my cup sitting in my car. Some days my car sits in the direct sun for hours while I work, even on those days my cup holds ice all day long! 

I have been very impressed with how well this cup keeps my drink either hot or cold. The durability is amazing also, I can be clumsy at times, I've dropped my cup and it's seen many adventures in its short life and it still looks like NEW! No scratches, dents or dings, the textured powercoat paint is strong. The rubber bottom is nice and keeps my cup from sliding and grips it to many surfaces including uneven ones. The 20 oz. size is perfect for me because I have small hands and it's much easier for me to hold. The grips designed in the side of the cup are a plus making it easier to have a secure grip on the cup. 

I've always used other competitive brands on the market but I can truly say my drink stays hot longer and my ice lasts all day making my drinks more enjoyable. Grizzly has hit the mark and has provided a truly wonderful product that lives up to what they say it is! 

If I could change anything I would change the lid for cleaning purposes. It's not easy to get apart to clean.


❥ - Stacey Sutherlin

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