I recently hunted 120 acre property with several different crops and plots. One plot really struck my interest. As we approached, I noticed that the grasses where at least 12’ high and bamboo like in appearance. As we take a 4-wheeler tour of the property before the hunting the next day, the land owner welcomes my request for a closer look at this most unusual and beautiful section of field.  Here grows Miscanthus, he says, also known as “Elephant Grass”.  It’s a high yielding energy crop. That means, that farmers can grow it, harvest it, and sell it for fuel use or to be processed and made into everyday products. This terrifically tall crop replenishes itself without replanting! A WIN-WIN for all!! Featuring super rapid growth, farmers can turn crops each year, generating an additional income source for the farmer while providing biomass yield that can be turned in biofuel. I read its outperforming corn and other “alternatives”. So if farmers and are interested in self-sustainable, income generating crops, that provide multiple benefits to world, perhaps you should look into an initial planting of Miscanthus!



•             Environmentally friendly

•             High yielding

•             Low maintenance

•             Long lifespan

•             Requires no pesticides or fertilizers after establishment

•             Annual growth cycle

•             Great for hunting cover

•             Perfect for increasing wildlife biodiversity

•             Eligible for cross compliancy with Renewable Energy Programs

•             Easy to grow

•             Additional Income generator


“Based on 25miles to the gallon, one ton of Miscanthus, could produce fuel to drive over 750 miles” **

 “Miscanthus produces significantly lower CO2 emissions per unit of fuel than many other crops” **

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·        Great for equine bedding, cattle, chicken

·        Can be processed in pelleted products for cat bedding and other smaller animals.

o   Low odor

o   Economical

o   Long lasting

o   High absorbency

·        Processed into benign paper production uses

·        Perfect for game cover areas ( hunting areas)

o   One crop could replenish itself, produce shoots for an average of ten years without replanting

Pictured here is land owner Matt Sironen.  His magnificent property flows across 120 acres of various landscapes. He has put years of time, energy and funds, into making this farm fertile and bio friendly for reproduction and self-sustainability. Replenishing aqua life and wildlife thru habitat preservation, caring for the land with food plots and garden area for feeding his family and consciously preserving the land for generations to come. Hard work, help from experts and knowledge of ecofriendly ways to keep the preservation of life time crops, like Miscanthus, is alive and well in Kingsville, Ohio, thanks to owners like Matt and his family. My time here with this host family was too short, our hunt was filled with learning and adventure.  Discovering new things is what adventures are all about!

·        Facts and Information provide by http://www.recrops.com/miscanthus


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