Why More Women Should Own A (Pink) Gun


I believe that if there were more pink guns in this world, more women would be open to learning about them. If more women were educated about guns and how to shoot them, their fear would be greatly lessened.

 Pink Gun

There is an irrational fear that guns hurt people.  Well, yes they can. So do knives, pools, cars, forks, candles, pets, alcohol and even scarves. But we all know that it's the people behind those items who either use them as weapons or are just careless and accidents happen. Either way, the end is death.

My father raised me to be wary of and have a healthy fear/respect of guns. When were old enough he took us to the shooting range and taught us how powerful they were. I could shoot and I was comfortable. I was confident. I knew and could do something that not many of my friends could do and it was FUN!

I have been hunting and shooting over the course of my life, but it wasn't until I had my first child that I became much more interested in having my own gun. As the oldest of 7 kids I had never really been on my own....alone. I had roommates through college and after. I married my husband (a Marine at the time) who traveled  to pick up guys that went AWOL. Often I was home alone or with just our baby daughter. For the first time, I felt vulnerable. I wanted to make sure that if something happened I could protect us. There is nothing I wouldn't do to protect my children from harm.

I have 2 PINK guns. I have an AR and a .22. Every time I go to the range I get stopped so that people (men and women) can check them out. They love that they are pink. SO often have I heard that they would love to get their wife or girlfriend one because they don't look so scary. Pink is not scary. My girlfriends who have never been shooting before want me to take them because mine don't look scary and menacing.

I have 3 daughters. I plan (when they are the appropriate age) to teach them about gun safety and take them to the range. I want them to be confident and comfortable like I was. I want them to know how to protect themselves so they don't ever turn into victims.

Why More Women Should Own A (Pink) Gun. Shooting range. https://reelcamogirl.wordpress.com/2015/01/13/why-more-women-should-own-a-pink-gun/

Abby with Pink BB Gun

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