ReelCamoGirl Beginnings

Hunting, Fishing, Diving, Shooting, Hiking, Pink and Sparkles I love the outdoors and have been hunting, fishing, diving, shooting, etc my whole life. Daughter of a hunter, oldest of 7 siblings, sister to 4 brothers, wife of a cop, collegiate athlete and now mother to 3 little girls. I have always been a tomboy.

My parents encouraged me to go hunting, fishing, hiking and diving. They taught me I could do anything that the boys could do. These experiences gave me a confidence that not many woman learn; how to take care of yourself….in a primal sense. There is something very cool to what I like to call “eat what you catch.”

I had been fishing, diving and hunting since I can remember. Fish eyes and guts don’t make me squirm.

Problem. Outdoor gear usually is very tough looking. I like pink and I like sparkles. I also like guns and camo.  In the last couple of years I have seen an emergence of pink hunting and fishing gear. I want to see more pink guns, pink bows (archery) pink pole spears, pink knives, fins, masks, camo, etc. I want a place where we can share our stories, pictures, recipes, etc. . Social Media has given us the ability to connect with others like us.  Our daughters need the same confidence and skills we have and look cute doing it.

ReelCamoGirls are strong, capable, kind, compassionate, nature & country -loving individuals.

My vision is for ReelCamoGirl to be a lifestyle brand. Loving the Outdoor life, only prettier...A place for Sportswomen to share their Outdoor Adventures

ReelCamoGirl Beginnings. Alaskan King Salmon.

That’s a hog. #whitesalmon #fishing #alaska #girlsfishtoo #biggestoneofthetrip #kingsalmon  #reelcamogirl