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Is your Harvest Organic?

First off, what is the definition of organic? In order to be considered USDA organic, the contents must be 95% free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, dyes, genetic engineering, industrial solvents… The list can go on. Also in order for the stamp of approval, there are many rigorous tests and paperwork that needs to be filed for it to be legitimate.

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How well do YOU know your Wild Game meats?

I have been cooking wild game since I was young and have learned the art of how to prepare it properly. Through this experiment I was able to see if people could taste the difference between a variety of different wild game including, elk, deer, antelope, and bighorn sheep. I was shocked with the results that not a single person was able to get at least one of them correct. It shows that people can not taste the difference and truly enjoy different types of wild game even if they have never tried it before.

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