RCG Product Review - The Plano ® Guide Series Tackle box review

Shopping for a new or first tackle box?

The Plano ® Guide Series, has a variety of sizes and options to choose from.

I recently purchased the 767 Angled Tackle Series. It is “Angled” because there is a utility storage compartment, located under the lid at 15 degree angle, allowing for easy access to your most utilized items. It looks impressive from the outside and the olive/khaki color always look good. 

The white frosted three pack of containers, allows you to see at-a-glance all your essentials. The 3 storage boxes, feature several pre-mold organize separators. Plano provides extra “parts”,  giving you options to configure additional, smaller compartments for lures (flies), sinkers (weights), hooks, bobbers (floaters), beads, feathers, corks, swivels, and more!  I love the size of side compartments too! Deep and tall, perfect for my water maps and fishing gloves.

Built into the lid are yet two more containment spaces. Larger lures fit nicely there. I currently store my knives and clippers there and the other holds my mini flashlight! The back side expandable net compartment is great for slipping your maps in and out.  They thought of everything here. I found the 3 storage boxes are easy to access, but I need room to spread out, so that’s where their angled feature is great. Using it as a utility tray I can tie lures and rigs in there, its ribbed for ease of picking up those thin hooks and fine fishing lines. As a bonus, the clear storage face, drops down to make a tray or slips inside to hide away! Each of the doors and storage boxes, snaps tight. No one wants hooks spilling out! I was also glad to see this product is made in U.S.A!

In conclusion, I recommend this type of box for light tackle fishing, dock fishing and your go-to for inside the vehicle as a space saver, prior to fly fishing. Priced right at 69.99, it’s a good value for a newbie or the seasoned sportswomen.

Specs from Bass pro Shops:

The Plano® Guide Series™ 767 Angled Tackle System incorporates its 3600 size angled storage platform into hard system tackle boxes.

The system features quick access, increased tackle security and multiple utility boxes and was engineered with the serious angler in mind.

The system's main compartment presents utility boxes at a 15° angle for easy access. DuraView™ covers and doors keep contents visible at all times.

The 728 Angled Tackle System includes two Plano 2-3650 utility boxes, two 3455 StowAway utility boxes, one 3607-04 Elite™ utility box, and one 4648 polycarbonate wallet.

Dimensions: 18"L x 9.5"W x 11"H. Made in USA.

·        Main compartment presents utility boxes at a 15° angle for easy access

·        Integrated, expandable rear pocket

·        DuraView covers and doors

·        Includes 5 Plano utility boxes plus one polycarbonate wallet


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