Stealthgear Onyx Holster - RCG Product Review

Looks can be deceiving. When I received the Stealthgear Onyx Holster for my Sig P238, my first thought was "it's quite large and bulky"! I must say, it is the U.F.O of holsters. 


True to doing a fair review on the holster, I opted to dismiss those immediate thoughts. I wear my gun appendix style. The first plus for the Onyx is that it has an adjustable cant. I happened to luck out-- the cant was setfor me to draw smoothly. The retention was perfect; not so tight that you have to jerk in order to draw. The gun comes out cleanly 

and goes back in the holster with no sticking. It's summer, and I always have issues carrying IWB at this time of year.

Onyx's second plus is not having to wear a belt with your IWBholster! The two clips fit securely on my jean shorts. They even allow enough room for me to tuck my top in. The third plus I noticed


immediately when I sat down in my car. Was this comfort and airiness that I was feeling? No break-in period needed for this holster? The Onyx Holster's soft Ventcore Pad entirely covers the back of your gun!  Plus number four was wearing the Onyx for the entire day with nothing poking me or marking my skin.


The holster wasn't hot, it was not even noticeable! After wearing the Stealthgear Onyx during the first hot weeks of summer, I came to an epiphany: This is the ultimate IWB holster!  I've worn it for an entire month and cannot find anything that I would like to change.

Sincerely, my best to you, Tarra 

ReelCamo Girl Team Member

Prois Hunting & Field Rep

Shooting /Hunting Product Review Writer 

The Onyxat a glance: 

–  Adjustable cant angle, but factory settings were perfect  

– Great handgun retention, very smooth draw 

– No belt needed

– Tuckable, & quiet

– Stainless steel hardware to resist rust

– No break-in period 

– Comfortable, no poking or marking

– Breathable — ideal for hot weather

– Mesh material is soft yet rigid enough that the gun doesn't move

– Handmade in the USA, lifetime guarantee

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