Basic Bowhunting Setup - ReelCamoGirl "How To"

Draw Length-Bows are NOT one size fits all. When shopping for your first hunting bow, it is important to know what your draw length is.  An approximate draw length can be calculated by measuring wingspan, from the tips of your middle fingers, and then dividing that number by 2.5.  My wingspan is 64 inches, which would put my draw length in the ballpark of 25.5 inches.

Draw Weight-Start low and build up.  You do not want to get a shoulder injury from pulling too many pounds.  Shoulder injuries take a long time to heal and can ruin your ability to shoot for the rest of your life.  The average woman can safely pull 35-40 pounds starting out. A successful harvest is determined far more by accurate shot placement than by the force behind the arrow.  

The Bow-Once you have the appropriate draw length/weight figured out, it is time to go shopping.  There are a lot of good hunting bows out there at an average price point. Look for something like a Quest Thrive, a Hoyt Power Max, or a PSE Drive.  Even though online shopping is appealing, it would be more beneficial to visit an archery pro shop to make your purchase.

Arrow Selection-It is important that you match the spine (stiffness) of the arrow to your draw length and draw weight. Improper spine can cause tuning and arrow flight issues.  Every arrow manufacturer has a spine chart. Use it to determine the proper spine for your particular setup. Good quality hunting arrows can be purchased from every arrow manufacturer.

Arrow Rest-Even though there are a huge variety of arrow rests out there, I would recommend starting out with something that is easy to install and adjust. For example, a Whisker Biscuit is a durable rest with no moving parts, decreasing the likelihood of malfunction in the field.  

Sight-There are a lot of sight options available, but for the novice bow hunter, a simple 3-pin sight that is easy to adjust would be a good choice.  

LC pins.jpg

Release-Release options include both handheld and wrist-strap versions.  Shoot both styles before making a purchase. Select the most COMFORTABLE option.  You want something that feels natural in your hand.

LC release.jpg

Quiver-An easily detachable quiver is a must because many bows won’t fit in a case with the quiver attached.  


Broadheads-Know what the regulations are in the state that you will be hunting.  For example, Idaho does not allow mechanical broadheads, so fixed blade broadheads are the only choice.  

With proper fit and a little bit of practice, you will be well on your way to a successful bow hunt!

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