My First Buck

It was a warm, sunny afternoon in November of 2014. I was still new to hunting since it was my first year doing it. My husband decided to join me on this hunt. We weren't sure if we'd see anything but we wouldn't know unless we tried. After gearing up and spraying down, we headed out to the blind. Once we got out there, he hung up two scent bombs while I got set up. After he got in and settled, I got the gun up and ready just in case a buck came out.

It was still early, so we spent some time talking and just enjoying being together. After some time passed, I looked to my left and saw antlers coming out of the tree line. My heart began to race and my husband said, "Get Ready Baby". He made his way toward us, so I raised the gun and tried to steady my breathing. Once he got in my shooting lane, about 25 yards away, I aimed and pulled the trigger. He dropped right in his tracks, of course I did hit him high in his spine. I was overcome with excitement and emotion. I wanted to rush out there but my husband said we should wait. After what felt like hours, we finally packed up and got out.

When I walked up to him, I could then admire him up close. He wasn't a huge buck, but that didn't matter to me. He was still a beautiful animal that God blessed me with. He was a healthy 7 point buck who was still in his rutting stage. His rack was a little past his ears as well. I shot him with my husband's Remington model 700 rifle. It was most definitely a special moment to treasure. Not only getting my first ever deer, but sharing it with the man I love.

After admiring him and giving thanks to God, we got the 4-wheeler so we could get the buck back to the house for processing. I felt so blessed for this experience and thankful for being able to bring home fresh meat for our freezer. Sure it's nice to get that desired trophy, but it's the meat from the kill that feeds your family. I will always cherish each hunt, but spending it with my sweetheart made it that much better.

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Holly Overman

I grew up with a love of the outdoors, fishing and hiking through woods. It wasn't til I met my husband that I really got into hunting. He took me on my first hunt and even taught me how to shoot a bow. I was instantly hooked after that. He taught me the basics and I grew my own knowledge through self experience.

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