RCG Product Review- Adrenal-Line Finisher

I love duck hunting, and have been doing it for over 20 years. I also enjoy doing taxidermy on the ducks that I harvest. But wringing the neck of a duck is not only frustrating and sometimes unsucessful, it also ruins a possible mount. Not only are you stretching the neck and tearing the skin, but many times it will not cleanly dispatch a duck. I have had "dead" ducks disappear or opened the ice chest to find one staring up at me! 

Then I came across the Finisher from Adrenal Line. A simple little tool that dispatches a bird quickly and cleanly. Clip it to your call lanyard or waders with the optional retractable caribiner and it's handy when you need it. I'ts super simple to use, just insert the pointed end into the back of a birds head, give it a twist like a key, and your done, quick and clean. And with such a small hole a taxidermist can still mount the bird and you would never know it, not much bigger than a #2 shot.


I got to use it for the first time a couple of months ago, and I was so happy at how easy and reliable it was to dispatch a duck. It made my hunt so much more enjoyable knowing that I wasn't going to turn around and find a duck trying to crawl away or flopping around, peace of mind. 

They come in all kinds of colors, many to replicate your favorite duck species. I highly recommend this to all of you duck hunters, don't go into the blind without it!



The Finisher by Adrenal Line


Erika Forsythe

Avid Huntress

ReelCamo Girl Brand Champion 


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