Whitetail and Pork Tamales

Whitetail and Pork Tamales


  • 5lb bag of corn meal
  • 1 bag corn husks
  • 2lbs lard (melted)
  • 3-5 dried red Chile pods
  • 2-3lbs of whitetail (ground)
  • 2-3lbs of pork (ground)
  • salt, pepper, onion powder, cumin (to desired taste)


  1. Follow the directions on the bag to prep the corn meal
  2. Take your 2-3 dried red Chile pods and put the I'm a pot, add enough water to cover the Chiles and bring to a boil to hydrate.
  3. Take the pods out of the water and blend in a blender/food processor until smooth.
  4. Mix your masa (corn meal) and lard together (let the lard cool slightly before adding into the masa mix), and then mix in your Chiles.
  5. Cook the pork and whitetail in boiling water until done, use a grinder to mince the meat if you are not using ground meat already. Add in your spices.

Putting the Tamales together:

  1. Spread masa on the corn husks, then add your meat. Roll and fold the ends of the corn husks.
  2. Place tamales in a steamer pot with water or beef stock.
  3. Steam for at least an hour and a half.
  4. Take the lid off and let your tamales cool slightly, take them out and enjoy!


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Destinie Gonzales


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