Comfort-Air Bodyband by Telor Tactical- RCG Product Review

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Today there are more and more women and men who choose to conceal carry. As a woman who conceal carries myself, often times it is hard to find just the right holster that offers safety, comfort and allows you to wear normal clothing without the holster printing. The Comfort-Air Bodyband, by Telor Tactical, not only gave me safety and comfort, but after wearing and testing it for weeks, I found it was better than most of the others because it is made with medical grade materials. This "stretch to fit" gun holster design also fit my firearm snugly, close to my body, which I loved. The holster also has a perforated non-slip pad which maintains holster position for safety and closeness to the body. Because it is made with an anti-microbial fabric, the Sil-Air Silicone pad allows air flow from within the pad. I used the appendix position (at my hips) and the chest position (under my chest) and I was able to tuck my shirt in with no signs of PRINTING. This holster was easy to re-holster and I was pleased that the holster did not collapse when the gun was drawn. As with any new holster, it became more of a fluid withdrawal with practice. While wearing the body band without an undertank, there were no irritations to my skin. I wore the body band throughout an entire week on my bare skin. It felt very light and comfortable for the entire time of wearing it. The airflow design kept me cool and dry in the summer heat while running errands. There were no roll ups nor bunching up from this holster band, even while seated. The band holster maintained it's position on my body without shifting regardless of which of the two positions I used. The Comfort-Air Bellyband works for all body shapes because you can adjust the band size and place the holster where needed. The main reason Telor Tactical's Comfort-Air Bellyband is my favorite bellyband is because it allows me to carry during extremely hot weather or while running.

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