Comp-Tac Victory - RCG Product Review

When ordered the Comp-Tac Black Leather Tapered Belt, the International Holster, and a Double Magazine Holder. The turn-around time was less than two weeks to receive my complete order. I wore the belt and gear during a recent USPSA match. The stability of the reinforced leather belt was outstanding! It held the International Holster and two Double Magazine Holders securely in place. There was absolutely no slippage or movement from either holster. The tapered parts on the front of the belt make a huge difference on comfort while sitting. The thickness of the belt proved to be very durable. I like the size of the buckle on the belt. The feeling I normally get when I gear up with an inner/outer belt system is that of a carpenter or super hero. Around halfway through a match, the dual belts and gear tends to weigh on you. The Comp-Tac isn't bulky like some of the other belts. I've found tarra-shootingwith the Comp-Tac belt you aren't weighed down. This has become my favorite belt by far because of the tapered sides and the thickness of the belt. The International holster and the magazine holder were easy to adjust. I wasn't sure until I shot a bit how I needed it be adjusted. The instructions were easy to read and understand. It only took a couple minutes to adjust both where they needed to be for my comfort and ease of use!

Sincerely, my best to you, Tarra
ReelCamo Girl Team Member
Prois Hunting & Field Rep
Shooting/Hunting Product Review Writer


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