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The Vixen Tank top by Gunpowder & Lace LLC is a spandex blend material. It is a reversible underarm draw that comes in light or firm support. The firm support top banishes bulge with specialized compression panels. The decorative lace accents allow the Vixen to be worn underneath clothing as a pop of color or even as the main piece. The Vixen comes in black and white colors. Sizes range from small to 4X. The cost is $44.99, plus tax.

I wore the tank for a week daily for this review. The top feels like silk against your skin. I wore my Sig P238 and cut the velcro to fit over my firearm and line up with the opposite velcro side perfectly. The velcro secures the weapon in the underarm panel. The firm support tank does help your curves in the right way, and it is not uncomfortable in any shape or form. The lace accents give the tank the perfect touch of femininity.

lace-tank-top-1Since I usually only wear my firearm in the appendix carry position, I needed to practice drawing from the underarm position. I practiced the "thumb pull up your top material, then flip the velcro off as you grip your firearm to draw” method. After practicing a few dozen times,  I was fluent enough to wear the tank on a regular basis.

I found the tank to be comfortable for a full day of concealed carry, and completely functional as a stand-alone top. During the test period,  I taught a 9 hour concealed carry firearms class. Wearing appendix style can become quite uncomfortable for this long of a period of time. As the day progressed, the shooting portion of the class was done on an outside range, and it became quite hot that day. The tank was both dressy and cut large enough to wear alone.

Before trying the Vixen, I had never considered any type of underarm carry. However, I found the Vixen tank to be quite a joy to wear!  I have found myself looking forward to wearing it, especially since it's winter. I have a habit of wearing undershirts or tanks in the winter, and this tank will perfectly suit that purpose. Even with my firearm in the side panel, it is not heavy or an irritation being under my arm. 

I highly recommend the Vixen to anyone looking for an additional or alternate carry. 
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Sincerely, my best to you, Tarra

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