Meet Extreme Huntress Semi-Finalist Christy Barney

ReelCamoGirl is featuring a few women who recently qualified as semi-finalists for the Extreme Huntress Competition. In its 8th season, The Extreme Huntress Competition continues to set the bar for serious outdoors women, while at the same time providing positive role models for women who are new to hunting, shooting and other traditional outdoor sports.


Voting is NOW OPEN and each of the top 20 are hoping to get enough votes to place them in the top 6 to move forward to competition. This competition helps spread awareness of ladies in hunting and the outdoor lifestyle. Go check them all out and cast your vote for your favorite Extreme Huntress!


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MEET CHRISTY:  Christy Barney was born and raised in Southern Utah, with the famed Paunsaugunt mule deer unit in her back yard. Christy grew up water skiing, camping, four wheeling, and hunting with her family. She spends all of her free time in the outdoors, which is her true passion in life.IMG_20160502_071225

After graduating high school she continued her education in the medical field as an EMT and medical assistant, and spent most of her summers living near the Grand Canyon, and guiding tours into the north rim of the Grand Canyon.  After completing her medical education, having acquired specialized certifications for medical assistance, she advanced from a small family practice, to managing a large oncology office.

After meeting her husband Bronc, who is her best friend and hunting buddy, she was introduced to archery hunting. It wasn’t long before this became her new passion, and whether competing at archery events, or hunting big game, archery has taken her to many places domestically and internationally. Among all of the amazing experiences the sport of archery has brought into her life, one of the most treasured, are the friendships and relationships that she has acquired along the way.

Christy puts many hours and a great deal of effort each year toward her success as an archer. She has successfully taken several species of North American Animals as well as African Plains Game.

Christy’s love of hunting and the outdoors has directed her to follow her passion, and begin a career in the hunting world. Raising her new family and her hunting career, are two things she looks forward to most. Christy is ready for anything, and she can’t wait to see what the next chapter of her life entails.

Christy is also prostaff with BowChic and field staff for Wac'Em Broadheads and I am a full time hunting consultant for Worldwide Trophy Adventures.


Christy's Contest Essay:

I am the most dedicated and committed huntress not only because I have a full time career in the hunting industry, but because I have stepped up to the challenges I have been given and have accomplished things most women wouldn’t even dream of accomplishing. I have traveled across the world to Africa and been able to experience the overwhelming rush of adrenaline and pride over a truly successful hunt. I have become a successful hunting consultant, a profession in which men dominate, and I have become a role model for young hunters and huntress to look up to so they too can be successful in the field. I truly believe I am where I am because I am who I am.

I grew up rifle hunting, and can handle my own with a boom stick, but have developed a true passion for bow hunting and the challenges it brings. In 2010 I drew a coveted archery tag on one of the most famous units in Utah. The success of that hunt truly taught me to love hunting. Since the success of that hunt I continue to have many successful hunts. In 2013 I married my best friend and hunting partner who has encouraged and made it possible for me to be as successful as I have become.

Hunting for me is more than a hobby it is my passion. Some claim I take it a little too extreme like this past year at 7 . months pregnant, I was able to harvest a mule deer with my bow, and once our new addition arrived within only nine short weeks we had been on three different hunts in three different states.IMG_20140904_063550354_HDR

When I started my career as a hunting consultant for Worldwide Trophy Adventures one thing was clear, there had not been enough research done to promote youth hunting opportunities. Even after the acquisition with Cabela’s TAGS and Outdoor Adventures there was never a portfolio designed for youth hunting opportunities in multiple states. I have dedicated my time both in the office and out to build this portfolio for young hunters and huntresses to be able to have as many opportunities as possible when it comes to obtaining hunting permits.

As a mentor to you young hunters and huntresses in my community I find it necessary for them to understand the roles different conservation groups play in preserving wildlife, and helping to protect and conserve our hunting heritage. It is important for me to dedicated my time and efforts in supporting conservation organizations help young hunters understand we as hunters can do more if we stick together than if we don’t. I am currently working towards obtaining my hunter education instructor and archery instructor as well as getting the Archery in the Schools Program to my community. One thing remains clear hunting is who I am and what I do the only question left is how far can I go and what will I accomplish next?


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