Hunt Smarter not Harder with the StealthCam G45NG - RCG Product Review

It's hard for me to understand why any hunter would not use trail cams when they hunt. With today's trail cam technology one can hunt smarter not harder. Just the basic information on each photo tells you about that particular animals behavior. This began my in depth look at using the information from the StealthCam G45NG while planning my next year's whitetail hunting on the new hunting property. My first step in this process was to learn the trail camera by reading the manual. In the meantime, I hung the StealthCam in what would be, for now, my prime hunting location. This was in front of a two person blind I set up for this review. The cameras backlit light was extremely nice while setting up the programming. I wanted to see what animals I was dealing with so I put corn out (legally). The Stealth Cam G45NG Trail Cam has an adjustable PIR range that can be customized to capture targets at specified distances day or night. It's trigger speed is below 1 second and its reach is out to 100 feet to match your cameras night time illumination capabilities.

Stealthcam G Series Video Trail Camera has even more features, such as HD High Definition output with data time code stamping, plus time-lapse with PIR Override mode, giving you virtually three units in one complete package. Like other cameras in the Stealth lineup it can take 180 seconds of HD video, but uses a more powerful 10MP camera to get the best resolution. It's one of the best low light game cameras you can get.

To me, pulling the SD card out of my trail cam, is like a flashback of waiting to see what Santa put out Christmas day. I was impressed with the blur reduction and wide area each photo captured. Trail cameras offer you the unique ability to study and learn how a buck lives part of his life without hardly ever seeing him in person. By using a trail cam one can gather years of history with a buck with only seeing him on the huff twice.

The StealthCam G45NG Trail Cameras will be my most crucial scouting tool that I plan to use throughout next year. I'll be able to stay out of my prime hunting area and pressure it less, but still be able to scout it thoroughly. I also plan to use a couple of trail cameras in areas that I don't want to intrude on. This way I'll still be able to get that real time data to form my hunting strategy. I plan to study my pictures, and use all the information it gives me (moon phase, temperature, time, etc.).

In the summer I will focus on food sources where I know bucks are regularly feeding. In the fall I will place my cameras in funnel areas, on ridges or over scrapes. I already have my focus set on two mature bucks that live on or near the property. The Stealth Cam trail camera will help me pattern when and where they are travelling. I should have some past history from this year to guide me in regards to "where" and "when" I need to be hunting. By using this years' StealthCam's photo information, I will get my stands placed and ready before the rut. Next year I will be waiting with confidence from the trail cam data and know about when the buck will show, not chasing trail camera photos that are a week old

The StealthCam STG- G45NG trail camera is loaded with all of the options one needs when depending on photo data. It's definitely the best trail cam in this price range and category

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