Nature's Paint - RCG Product Review

When it comes to face camo, there’s a few things a girl requires:

It has to feel good, it has to look good, it has to last and we don’t want to break out after using it. I recently tried Nature’s Paint camo face paint and in my opinion, it checked everything off my list. Since it’s freezing cold outside where I live, I decided to put it to the test while doing a workout.

1) It was very easy to put on, and glided very smoothly across my face. I hate when your skin gets pulled and then the paint leaves chunks on your face. This went on like melted butter.

2) During my workout, I never felt like it was running or even worse, getting dry and cracking. It stayed velvety soft and stayed put. This is a must for me, because hunting in the mountains at high elevations means I have to put in a good workout to get to my hunting spots.

3) It wiped off with a baby wipe. No scrubbing or tearing my skin to get it off. It was just as smooth coming off as it was going on. And, 5 minutes later, my skin isn’t red or irritated. It’s almost softer than before I put the paint on.

If you are looking for face paint that is quick, easy, effective and treats your skin gently, this is for you!



Kaitlin Phelps
ReelCamo Girl Team Member & Co Founder of The Blank Space LLC


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