The Walker's Razor "X" Digital Ear Bud Headsets boasts 31dB of noise reduction. The electronic hearing protection and enhancement buds work flawlessly for shooters or hunters.

I am highly impressed also with the new lightweight design that sits comfortably aound the neck. This around the neck design has retractable ear buds, it is out of the way from cheek welds on shotguns and traditional rifles or AR-pattern rifles.

The Razor "X" package includes two different styles of noise reducing foam tips. There are four different sizes to ensure a proper fit for maximum noise reduction.  Walker's Razor "X" ear plugs also come with a cord for recharging and a wall adapter, along with a Walker's bag for storage.

Included are  instructions which are very clear and easy to understand. The rechargeable LIPO battery, 250 mAH battery powers the Razon "X", providing 10 hours of use.  Battery life is prolonged by an auto-shutoff function that engages after 4-6 hours. Simply push any button on the unit and hearing enhancement returns back on and the timer restarts.  These buttons also retract the ear bud cords.

Because they are designed at an impressive 31dB of noise reduction, they allow for very loud environments without damaging hearing. This places the Razor "X" ahead of the rest in protection offered by earplugs and ahead of what many popular earmuffs deliver. The widely used green Howard Leight over the ear noise cancelling muffs only have a 22dBNRR.

The plugs passed my extreme protection tests when I stood behind a 300 Win Mag rifle firing and didn't flinch. I would normally flinch with each round fired wearing standard electronic ear muffs.

The Hi Gain omni-dirctional microphones provide clear sound enhancement allowing you to hear firearm instructors' directions while training or for casual conversations on the range. The Razor "X" HD digital speakers provide a wide range of audio quality that enhances the users' experience. The standard electronic ear muffs hurt my ears and head after weaing them for less than thirty minutes. They also got in the way of my cheek weld. I had to constantly reposition the muffs and then the recoil would displace them.

The cost: $119.00-----  Protecting your hearing while enjoying clear conversations on the range or in the woods......PRICELESS!


Tarra Stoddard

Prois Hunting & Field Rep

ReelCamo Girl Team Member


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