RCG Product Review - Apalain

Every year off-season comes too quickly for waterfowl here in Ohio. During that time there are plenty of chores to get done before heading out in the fall. Shooting being part of the agenda was made a whole lot easier this year by Apalain shooting shirt. I use to always dread going out shooting for an afternoon with just the guys. After a couple hours in I would have to take a break because my shoulder would be tender from my Browning A5. I’m sure any woman can relate with the sore shoulder after shooting for a long period of time especially youth.

The Apalain line of clothing is all made here in the United States and for a women’s body. The fabric is very lightweight and breathable. During the spring and summer is when I trap shoot the most. I wore the “Classic Shooting Shirt for Ladies for Spring” on a day when it was 70 degrees out with a slight breeze. The shirt was still comfortable and didn’t cause any restrictions. I usually have a hard time shopping for clothing online especially since I am only 5’3” on a good day and quite busty. Just another reason why the traditional men’s style shooting shirt or vest was very uncomfortable, baggy, and tight in all the wrong places. With free shipping and returns how could you go wrong even if you aren’t sure on your size? I found their sizes to run true to fit for my body type.

The button up front with the material overlapping worked wonderfully when shooting. I didn’t have to worry about any buttons coming undone and showing my undershirt. The back of the shirt having a longer tail was also another nice feature. I didn’t have to worry about bending over loading clays or pick something up off the ground. Left-handed shooters were even thought of in the design of this shirt since both shoulders have a zippered pocket making it easy to insert and remove pads. I was able to find inserts for the shirt for cheap on Amazon. Overall I would have to say that I love my Apalain shooting shirt, because it fits as if it was designed for me and not my husband. I was able to run a couple boxes of shells through my inertia driven 12 gauge and the recoil was no problem thanks to Apalain’s shooting shirt.


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