Meet RCG Featured Ohio Girl – Meribeth Sironen – She’s the “Reel” deal!

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Avid outdoorswoman, accomplished hunter, mom and grandmother, this lady is the “reel” deal! I met up with Meribeth on her farm in Kingsville, Ohio. Intrigued that at 69 years young, she is interested in becoming a ReelCamo Girl Brand Champion. When I asked her what peaked her interest she simply replied, “I AM a ReelCamo Girl, been one all my life!

Meribeth shares that she had a fishing pole in her hand at age 4.   She shyly goes on to describe her early-on successful archery experiences and how fishing, hunting and being outdoors were “what we did back then.” Growing up in quiet, rural, Leroy, Ohio; Turkey and deer hunting are the norm. Later she became passionate about horseback hunting Elk, Moose and Caribou in Colorado, rifle hunting in Montana, Canada and others. (Her face lights up as she recalls her first .270 rifle). We sit here in her cozy home adorned with wild game mounts! A LOT of mounts, Pheasant, Mule Deer, Antelope, Turkey, Turkey and more Turkey and did I mention Whitetail bucks and does… too many to count. I am impressed with how modest she is. Meribeth thoughtfully shares her recollections without bragging. She is confident and proud and a role-model to so many. It appears that hunting came naturally to her. Since she grew up being able to hunt and fish whenever she liked she never considered it was be a big deal to be a female hunter in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s.”…and then there was that one time when she hunted with the “boys!”, a long time back, before females were as prevalent on the scene as they are in present day.  Meribeth went to hunt with her husband the “fellas” joining them  were not very pleased about that! The guys gave her crap! Lots of crap! (She didn’t give much detail) the one part that stuck out to me was when the men expressed their disgust for a female on the hunt and they fired off some rounds hitting the fender of their Suburban! (Here’s where her husband, Matt, interjects that Meribeth is a WAY better shot than any guy out there). Certainly it took all of her self-control not to lay them out. Again, she’s not the show off type, a lady thru and thru; a no nonsense, give-them-back-their own-crap kind of gal! She says, “That’s how you gotta deal with those kinds of guys, just give it right back to ‘em”.  Yup, cussing and swearing and dishing it back and making shots like the real deal!  Meribeth is a class act all around for sure.

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Getting on almost 4:30pm, Matt’s goes to start up the tractor and I ask, “What’s for supper Meribeth,” “venison meatloaf” she replies. She enjoys and consumes wild game exclusively. “Been that way for years, grocery store meat just doesn’t agree with me anymore”…she goes on to elaborate about the antibiotics, dyes and retail store processing that upsets her stomach. With an endless amount of delicious game recipes, and a husband with an endless amount of room for more of her tasty meatloaf and garden “tatters”,  these two have enjoyed many meals from field-to-table. They truly appreciate their dinner, and don’t mind getting their hands dirty, working hard and playing hard. It’s salt-of-the-earth outdoor family folk like them that are dedicated to home cooked goodness, grown and harvested right there on their property.



We’re now headed outside to get some pictures before dusk.  Bashful and reluctant to pose for some RCG pics, her face is all  aglow when we decide to get a picture beside their tractor. There she is, at home, outdoors. Meribeth is beautiful inside and out. She looks great in her new official ReelCamo Girl hat- of course, this amazing lady has already been a REELCAMO GIRL her ENTIRE life!!


Sherri R. Trivisonno

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Leadership Team Member A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League

Range Safety officer, Hunter, Outdoor Sportswoman

ReelCamo Girl Brand Champion

C O N N E C T  W I T H  H E R  ON  F A C E B O O K  AND  I N S T A G R A M !

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