Meet Extreme Huntress Semi-Finalist Cindi Wulff

ReelCamoGirl will be featuring a few women who recently qualified as semi-finalists for the Extreme Huntress Competition. In its 8th season, The Extreme Huntress Competition continues to set the bar for serious outdoors women, while at the same time providing positive role models for women who are new to hunting, shooting and other traditional outdoor sports.


Voting is NOW OPEN and each of the top 20 are hoping to get enough votes to place them in the top 6 to move forward to competition. This competition helps spread awareness of ladies in hunting and the outdoor lifestyle. Go check them all out and cast your vote for your favorite Extreme Huntress!


(Validate your vote by validating your email. Failure to do so will disqualify your vote. You have to click on the voting link to have them send you an email verification, then you must go to your email and confirm your vote. )

Voting is open from May 1st until June 1st

MEET CINDI: I am a hunter and provider. I am a steward for wildlife and their habitat, and I take a very active role in conservation and work to help preserve our outdoor heritage for future generations.

Cindi also serves as ProStaff at Montana Rifle Company and Hunt Staff for Prois Hunting and Field Apparel for Women


Contest Entry Essay:

"My path to becoming an Extreme Huntress started later than most, but make no mistake, my passion for hunting runs as deep as it comes. Hunting and shooting sports has awakened my soul. It has brought out a confidence and renewed energy that I wasn’t sure I’d find in my life.

received_10209470105499437 We live in a world of “right now”, where everything is at our fingertips and where everyone seems to want immediate gratification. Hunting has given me a release from this environment and challenges me both mentally and physically. Hunting isn’t just about the harvest of the animal. It’s about the planning and preparation with countless hours of scouting and target practice. It’s the challenge of being in peak physical condition. And it’s the connection to nature and an inner peace it brings to you while afield. And most importantly, it is the opportunity to provide for your family and to give back to a world in which we live in, through our conservation efforts. received_10209470105579439I learned from a very early age what it was to be a strong and self-reliant woman. My Dad passed away when I was just eleven years old and my Mom was left to raise seven children on her own, on a very large dairy farm. She showed me that perseverance and hard work will allow you to obtain anything you want in this world. While I do not have children of my own, it is still very important for me to take what my mother has shown me, and be a positive role model for every child I come in contact with. I also feel a very strong desire to show other women, that regardless of their age, they too can be be involved in shooting sports and hunting, and that they can do anything they put their mind to.

received_10209470105659441 Being an Extreme Huntress shouldn’t be judged on the number of “trophies” you have, or how many hunts you have been on. It should be judged on your passion, fortitude and desire, as well as your commitment and responsibility to the sport. I believe I am an Extreme Huntress for all of those reasons, and for my continued quest to better myself in the field on every hunt."


ReelCamoGirl is a lifestyle brand focused on ladies who love the outdoors.There is a growing need for a place for women to share  their outdoor experiences, as well as an interest in clean eating and  self-sufficiency. Through our website and social media networks, we  offer a safe place where the ladies can share their pictures, stories, wild  game and fish recipes, and news articles about conservation and  hunting perspectives.

ReelCamo girls are strong, capable, kind, compassionate, nature & country-loving individuals. We encourage responsible and ethical hunting. We care about the land and wildlife management and about long term sustainability. We hunt, fish, dive, shoot and hike…for peace of mind, happiness, pure clean protein & connection to the outdoors. ReelCamoGirls can shoot a gun, draw a bow, track an animal, get CAMOed up, bait a hook, clean a fish and still be feminine.

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