Arrow SWAT - Product Review

crosslan-logo50 We were recently approached about doing a product review on a fly swatter. You could say it's not our usual type of product review it caught our attention because Arrow SWAT is no your average fly swatter. It is a fly swatter comprised of a REAL arrow shaft and the arrow designed swatter head encompasses an old flint arrowhead and modern broadhead. arrow SWAT

The overall length of the Arrow SWAT is approximately 29 inches. There are several camouflage patterns available. The company that manufactures them, Crosslan Hunting Accessories, LLC also has custom camo patterns available. They can also add your logo, brand or design to meet your company's marketing needs. I personally loved the PINK CAMO swatter. So did my daughters.


We have 3 kids, who leave the doors open constantly. We also have chickens that draw flies. In Southern CA, there is an exorbitant amount of flies because of the warm weather. I quickly put my kids to work with the fly swatters. Being that they are 8, 6 and 3 they are pretty tough on everything. I am happy to report that the swatters held up very nicely and we managed to kill a great number of flies very effectively without breaking any of the swatters. The fly swatters are very sturdy and wouldn't be of the best use on small places, but if you are using them outdoors and in larger kitchen spaces, they are great to have around. The unique design of the arrow is fun for everyone. This would be a great gift for any archery enthusiast,  outdoorsman or woman. Since Crosslan Hunting can also add a company logo onto these for you, it would be a very fun, unique marketing tool for any company.

Crosslan Hunting Accessories LLC was founded in May 2011 by an avid outdoors man and proud tribal member of the Cherokee Nation. It is a small, minority owned company with unique products, headquartered in Denton, TX.

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