A Journey Into Hunting - Introducing Erica Cartner, new ReelCamoGirl contributor

I am happy to introduce Erica Cartner. Erica is mom to a 4 your old daughter and shelter puppy;  wife of a bearded man, and lover of the outdoors. Erica found ReelCamoGirl purely by chance. She started following us on Twitter and Instagram and liked what we were doing; encouraging women and girls in the Outdoors. One night, after a particularly long day I posted something (half jokingly) about needing help...a clone perhaps. She responded. It's fantastic that ReelCamoGirl is growing. I am View More: http://jessicarayburnphotography.pass.us/erickas-drivegrateful and blessed, but I needed help. You will see more NEW content now that Erica is helping us. Erica is a perfect fit for ReelCamoGirl. She love the outdoors, but isn't a professional at everything. She is learning just like MANY of the women and girls out there. We are here to encourage women to try new things and to support those already doing them. I hope you like what's to come! Please welcome her.

Erica grew up in a tiny town in Northern CA with a population of 250 and spent most of her time running through fields, raising animals, and driving the riding lawn mower to the neighbor’s house. One would think it'd be the perfect environment to learn hunt, but unfortunately, hunting was never a part of her childhood. No one in Erica's family hunted and it seemed like a “guy thing” once in high school.

After high school Erica moved out of her tiny town to northern Nevada. She was the country girl next door, but still never the huntress. Finally, she got an opportunity to go target shooting.rcg2 (2)

That day of shooting in the desert lit the flame. She was hooked.

Life moved Erica and her daughter back to California where she eventually met her husband. He had grown up goose and deer hunting in Oklahoma and they talked about getting into hunting together (he's thinking...KEEPER!!!).

They moved to Oklahoma in September of 2014.

rcg3 (2)As a couple, they purchased their first compound bows in March. Of course Erica had to have a pink one!

Erica's journey into hunting is different than most women. Thirty one years old, mom and inexperienced hunter. Determination and motivation is what you need. It doesn't matter when you start or why.

From Erica: I’m honored to be a writing contributor with ReelCamoGirl and hope to give some insight and minimize the intimidation factor for fellow newbie women hunters. Heck, maybe I'll even meet some follow eyeliner wearing, pink loving, hunters.... Feel free to find my husband and me on twitter at www.twitter.com/obcadventures or you can find me on Instagram under @okie_erica

Happy Hunting.

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ReelCamo girls are strong, capable, kind, compassionate, nature & country-loving individuals. We encourage responsible and ethical hunting. We care about the land and animal management and about long term sustainability. We hunt, fish, dive, shoot and hike…for peace of mind, happiness, pure clean protein & connection to the outdoors. ReelCamoGirls can shoot a gun, draw a bow, track an animal, get CAMOed up, bait a hook, clean a fish and still be feminine and girly.