Mallard Duck Calling Tips and Tricks

Most spend multiple hours each week scouting before and during season to find the perfect spot putting them on the “X” for a successful hunt. Once the birds are found and patterned next comes down to having the right gear. A blind that can be blended in to match the surroundings and a decoy spread that is fitting for the size group you are trying to work.  Lastly the hours put into practicing your duck call are crucial. Being able to turn heads and having birds decoy in provides the most ethical and successful hunt.

Listed below are a few tips for beginners learning how to call in order of increasing difficulty:

Dirty Birding

Upland game hunts get me in a state of utter excitement. I feel like a child at Christmas, counting down each day until my next big hunt. The anticipation of getting out and hoping my efforts prove successful, while knowing that I am going to exert all of my energy walking or hiking upwards of 15 miles a day–there is nothing else quite like it.

How well do YOU know your Wild Game meats?

I have been cooking wild game since I was young and have learned the art of how to prepare it properly. Through this experiment I was able to see if people could taste the difference between a variety of different wild game including, elk, deer, antelope, and bighorn sheep. I was shocked with the results that not a single person was able to get at least one of them correct. It shows that people can not taste the difference and truly enjoy different types of wild game even if they have never tried it before.

Mother/Daughter Turkey Hunt

Each year the San Diego Chapter of the National Wildlife Turkey Federation has a couple of opportunities for kids to pull for hunts on private land and we asked Abby if she would like to try for a hunt. She’s a lucky girl and her name was pulled for both opportunities! March 18th was her date and she was set to hunt on the Santa Ysabel preserve with a mentor from the NWTF and me. Only 20 people are allowed to hunt on this preserve each year and it is the kids on the Saturday and Sunday of this Mentored Youth Hunt so it’s a special deal. They close the hunt area to the public so it remains safe for all.


Let’s gather some essential gear:

·       Fishing License  (purchased annually, online or at your local sporting goods stores and other places)

·       Fishing rod (often referred to as a “pole”)

·       Reel (the contraption that contains and releases the fishing line (string) weight& reel design is based on method and species your fishing