Story of a First Time Bowhunter - by Megan Ellenburg

My one and only hunting experience ever prior to this hunt was in South Africa in 2011. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but my parents lived in Africa. I was very fortunate to be able to harvest an impala and a blesbok with a rifle. After the trip, I really did think about wanting to hunt again, but I never did.


Let’s get to the hunt! I’ve known Mary for 4 years. She is a an avid shooter, a Chief Range Safety Officer at our local ladies shooting club and an all-around good cookie! When she approached me about her dream to hunt, it was a no brainer to get-her-outdoors and DO IT! To date she hasn’t had a harvest of any kind. It’s such a awful feeling to think it might not ever happen and for some it never does. Not for a lack of trying, the opportunities just never seemed to present themselves and some people aren’t the asking type. Uncle Mary’s been following our stories on ReelCamo Girl ® and her “want” was there, but the “how to get it” needed working on.

RCG Product Review - American Caliber

Having a little one can make wearing jewelry difficult, because of the constant worry of them being able to break the necklace or bracelet. Although I can’t blame her for wanting to look at the beautiful pieces I received from American Caliber. They combine spent bullets with a feminine touch. Making a tasteful piece of jewelry to wear on any occasion.


I recently hunted 120 acre property with several different crops and plots. One plot really struck my interest. As we approached, I noticed that the grasses where at least 12’ high and bamboo like in appearance. As we take a 4-wheeler tour of the property before the hunting the next day, the land owner welcomes my request for a closer look at this most unusual and beautiful section of field.  Here grows Miscanthus, he says, also known as “Elephant Grass”.


Because I’ve learned the hard way, that if I’m not adequately hydrated before, during and after an adventurer, then I’m going to feel it! I don’t know about you, but my legs cramp up and I feel more tired than I should. It’s much better to be able to set a good steady pace while out biking, uninterrupted with frequent stops. This 30 Miler Hydration Day Pack is for all the hikers, bikers and explorers out there! While wearing this hydration system, you won’t have to load up with clumsy bottled waters or stop so often to find a water fountain (does anyone even see those anymore?), your hike and exploration time can be better spent sightseeing and finding new exciting vistas!

My Seasonal Hunting Cleaning Routine

Sadly our turkey season is almost over in SC. Summer is here and deer season seems like an eternity away. I always make a point to stop and do my end of the year backpack and apparel cleaning when the season ends. I hunt multiple species of animals. I have a back pack I keep with all the calls and accessories I use for hunting all species in. I have a backpack packed and ready for fall and winter hunting.