The Backyard Buck

It was a cloudy, chilly morning in November. I was up getting ready to take my oldest to school when I see a buck out back. My heart began to race when I realized it was the one that's eluded me twice before. This time however he was coming from the opposite side of the field chasing does. I knew this time I had a better chance at him. Before rushing to the back door, I closed the bedroom door so I wouldn't scare my baby when I shoot.

            He was roughly 200 yard away, so I eased the sliding door open and got the gun ready. I learned the hard way that shooting sticks on linoleum floors don't mix, especially when your shaking. After missing three times, I laid it aside and used the door frame instead. I couldn't tell exactly how big or how many points he was but that didn't matter. He was a good shooter and thats all I cared about. On the last shot, he bucked and took off. I tried to follow his direction but I lost him behind a tree. So many emotions came over me, so I sat there in shock for a moment.

            Even after taking my oldest to school, I couldn't help but wonder how good that shot even was. So after the baby was fed, we headed out in hopes of finding blood. While out in the field, it was incredible to see three does come out. Of course they didn't stay out too long but at least they weren't spooked. Thankfully Hunter was content for awhile just looking around, however that does change for a baby. When he started getting restless and with no sign of blood anyways, I decided be best to head back home. The suspense of not knowing was driving me crazy.

            Thank God for a great neighbor who came by to recover him for me. I told him which way I thought he went. Moments after he got out there, I hear a couple of shots. My nerves were on edge so I called to see what happened. Evidently he found my buck but had to finish him off. When he told me how big he was, I became so overwhelmed with emotions that I broke down. When I got my hands on this beautiful 9 point, I was overjoyed and very thankful. So thankful to God for allowing me this wonderful blessing and thankful to my neighbor for recovering him when he didn't have to. I'm also thankful to have the ability to "hunt" when I can't go hunt.


Holly Overman

I grew up with a love of the outdoors, fishing and hiking through woods. It wasn't til I met my husband that I really got into hunting. He took me on my first hunt and even taught me how to shoot a bow. I was instantly hooked after that. He taught me the basics and I grew my own knowledge through self experience.

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