"Heated Hunts" Scent Containment Review

After I tested "Heated Hunts" for a couple of months, I have concluded that my old faithful way of attracting deer is now long outdated. I found the bright orange Heated Hunt container to be quite easy to use and it far out shined any other method I had used.

The top portion has a hook to hang on a tree. Also, it unscrews and pulls out easily. Inside of the top portion has a plastic slot which holds the felt pads and is also where you add your scent. The bottom unscrews and holds four double (AA)batteries.  When the button on the side is pressed a soft glow appears and turns on the unit. Actually, I tried many different doe urine scents and found my favorite doe urine scent was the "Estrilla Deer Attractant". Estrilla is the real natural doe urine and not developed in a lab.

There are many ways to use this product but I found it best to turn "Heated Hunts" on when I first pull up to the hunting property. By the time I got to the hunting stand or the blind, the unit had already HEATED up the scent. Then I was able to simply unscrew the top portion and hang it on a tree as a good lure for the bucks.

I can say with all certainty that "Heated Hunts" does heat up the scent fast and dispenses a very strong, widespread scent throughout the area. If you have ever passed a dead skunk on the road, do you remember how that scent lingers for a long while? "Heated Hunts" acts in the very same way.

Two of my most favorite reasons why I like this product:

- After closing the top unit, the smell was contained inside and I could not smell any odor. Housing of the urine scent is excellent.

- This unit keeps you free from doe urine much easier than other methods I have tried because of the methodology of adding the urine to the felt pads while in the unit. 

You can find this product at www.heatedhunts.com

Sincerely, my best to you, Tarra

ReelCamo Girl Team Member

Prois Hunting & Field Rep

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