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Follow Lauren on, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

I’m honored to continue protecting our freedom to hunt,

supporting wildlife conservation and sustainability,

and helping people fulfill their goals.

Meet Lauren Hill - Founder/Owner

ReelCamo Girl is a lifestyle brand focused on ladies who love the outdoors. I realized there was a  growing need for a place for women to share their outdoor experiences, as well as an interest in clean eating and self-sufficiency. I grew up in Southern California and really had no other girlfriends who liked to do the things I did..hunt, fish, shoot, etc. I was lonely for others like myself, so I started ReelCamo Girl.

Through our website and social media platforms, we offer a safe place where the ladies can share their pictures, stories, wild game and fish recipes, and news articles about conservation and hunting perspectives.

I love the outdoors and have been hunting, fishing, free diving, and shooting my whole life. Daughter of a hunter, oldest of 7 siblings, wife of a Marine Corp Veteran and Police Officer, collegiate athlete and now mother to 3 girls. My parents always encouraged me to experience the outdoors. I also hold a Bachelor's degree in Communications and a Masters in Business Administration.

These experiences gave me a confidence that not many women learn and educated me on how to take care of yourself, in a more primal sense. I work full time for Safari Club International; a pro-hunting and conservation group fighting to protect your freedom to hunt! I’m honored to continue protecting our freedom to hunt, supporting wildlife conservation, sustainability, and fundraising for ongoing humanitarian and education efforts. 

ReelCamo Girl was created to empower your outdoor passions and show women all over the world that they can still be feminine holding a rifle or bow.  Our mission is to champion the fierce, sportswoman, who thrives on providing for her family, teaching others about ethical and responsible hunting and living out her passion as an outdoor enthusiast.

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