Our Brand Champions

Along with having a wonderful team of women to represent and work to propel ReelCamo Girl forward, we also have a community of women who champion for ReelCamo Girl.

A Team Member has certain requirements to fulfill pertaining to helping RCG grow. Team members will seek to further develop themselves, but they know how to strategically align their personal passions with RCG's organizational goals. Team members are selected because they have particular skills that are required to complete RCG's project tasks. Team members help each other succeed to accomplish the company's goals and provide their expertise on different projects and duties. Each team has specific roles or jobs and are typically structured in a functional way. 

Brand Champions are a group of women who are important in creating the foundation for ReelCamo Girl’s community. They share their experiences and are positive role models who encourage other women to get outdoors. Brand Champions breathe life into the RCG Community by not only sharing their own photos and knowledge using the RCG logos and hashtags, but also by sharing RCG content with their personal social friends and followers. They play a key role in expanding the RCG social media network by championing on behalf of ReelCamo Girl.

Within this entire community is a wealth of knowledge that is brought together in one place. Our community provides a place for us to share our stories, ask for advice, and learn more without any judgement. Whether you are a professional hunter or a newcomer to the outdoors, ReelCamo Girl is welcoming to all!

If you would like to be considered as a Brand Champion for ReelCamo Girl and join our community, please email us at info@reelcamogirl.com for an application.

ReelCamoGirl is community of strong, supportive women who have a passion for the outdoors. There is a growing need for a place for women to share their outdoor experiences, as well as an interest in clean eating and self-sufficiency. Through our website and social media networks, we offer a safe place where ladies can share their pictures, stories, wild game and fish recipes, and news articles about conservation and hunting perspectives.

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