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August Fly of the Month - Griffith's Gnat

This is another one of those "must haves" in your fly box. Quick and easy to tie, the Griffith's Gnat can imitate many of those tiny midges you see emerging or buzzing on the surface of the water (you know, the ones that like to get in your face, mouth, nose and ears  ). From looking like a single insect to a cluster of them, the Griffith's Gnat can attract even the biggest trout.

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If You Hunt and Fish, Get Familiar with R3

Explaining it as marketing for the outdoor industry, R3 is an initiative geared towards recruiting, retaining, and reactivating (R3) participation in hunting. State wildlife agencies, conservation organizations, and similar groups have started to get on board too

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March Fly of the Month- Wooly Bugger

I'd like to introduce a new monthly topic here on the ReelCamo Girl site, a fly of the month! Each month I will present a beginner fly and go through step by step on how to tie it along with some tips on how to fish and variations on tying it. As the months progress I'll be adding a bit more advanced tying, but nothing you can't tackle!

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Fishing For Striper While The Bite is Still Hot

Striped bass are an elusive fish species. Natural-born fighters, stripers are prevalent throughout the country. In fact, much of the East Coast has been dubbed the “Striper Coast” since they are commonly found there. And if you’re lucky enough to live in the Mid-Atlantic as I do, striper season here is perhaps the most anticipated striper fishing each year.

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Hooked on Fishing? Pick Up a Fly Rod

On Friday, April 14th, I completed my very first Trout School with the local Orvis Fly Fishing store here in Northern Virginia. It was a day-long, intensive, technology-free crash course in fly fishing that required participants to be fully engaged. It was a mixture of etymology, angling, wading, and vigorous casting—the perfect activity for any adrenaline junkie, even those who scoff at fishing.

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Here’s the best way to bait your hook using worms or night crawlers when fishing in fresh waters for recreation.

Keep your bait cool, be prepared to get your hands dirty and bring a knife.

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